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Originally Posted by squeakr
For general travel questions on the bay area and points north, the San Francisco or Travel Buzz fora would be VERY helpful w/ lots of knowledgable folks...
and of course THIS will be a great forum to learn about recent ES Stays..


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Please re-read my post above. I do not ask for general travel questions of the Bay area or the Wine country.

I only asked how long a drive it would be from THIS SPECIFIC HOTEL to the town of Geyserville and a detour back via Bodega Bay.

In addition, I only asked for dining recommendations near to this hotel, and I hardly think that this question qualifies as a general travel question as you have discussed above.

Many other threads mention good eats, in fact, this very one does, as well, and I was just asking in that vein what other choices there may be.

I just don't see the necessity for your post, above.