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Originally Posted by mozilla View Post
Is that legal for arriving passengers or is that a stair for staff that happens to be publicly accessible (badge protected door propped open or something like that)? Seems a bit weird that they would allow one to circumvent security like that, but then again it wouldn't surprise me at BRU.

Not every flight that arrives at the B-gates is coming from a developed country that has their airport screening in order, and climbing that stair could theoretically give access to US or Israel-bound flights without rescreening. The official line, as published on the website of the airport, is that you need to reclear security when transferring ex-Schengen to ex-Schengen.
This is not a side door. It's meant for passengers. It's used for "clean" I:I flights such as those originating in the US. IIRC the door to the stairway is not always pen. That could just depend on which gate one arrives at, I'm not sure.
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