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If you look carefully when exiting UA999 you will likely be able to simply go up the stairs and out into the B departure concourse without a long walk of additional security screening. There should be a small sign. The stairs are as soon as you get into the terminal building, BEFORE you get to the corridor that takes you back to security. I've been able to d this at BRU.
Is that legal for arriving passengers or is that a stair for staff that happens to be publicly accessible (badge protected door propped open or something like that)? Seems a bit weird that they would allow one to circumvent security like that, but then again it wouldn't surprise me at BRU.

Not every flight that arrives at the B-gates is coming from a developed country that has their airport screening in order, and climbing that stair could theoretically give access to US or Israel-bound flights without rescreening. The official line, as published on the website of the airport, is that you need to reclear security when transferring ex-Schengen to ex-Schengen.
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