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An interesting mix of good and not so good advice.

Question - If you don't keep the AMEX Award MQM's for yourself but could 'bank them' with someone who doesn't need them and who you could trust or enter into an agreement who would gift theirs to you next year, would that solve your problem? There are many DM's who'll finish the year with over 125K rollover and you'd just have to find someone who you could check out and be comfortable with.

Crediting them to another SkyMiles account such as FB is probably the same as throwing them away. You won't accumulate enough to be of any great use and they'll expire unused. The person who implievantage in terms of what's creditedd that you'd have to book with the other carrier is 100% incorrect. You can book them with DL if you want to. That can be an advantage if you have connecting flights since DL is responsible for you and if you have a problem you can either call or Skype the DM desk for help. It can be a disad

GUC's are great - IF you have scheduling flexibility. f you don't, they can be difficult to use. I use them on $400-500 RT TATL's every year.

If your SO isn't GM or above and you travel on other SkyTeam carriers in Europe, use a Choice Benefit to gift them GM for ST+ benefits such as Club admissions on Int'l itins, baggage allowances, boarding, C+ seats, etc.

Lastly, you can always do an MR next year to make up for the lack of rollover. Turning them into an unexpected long weekend can be a lot of fun. My wife tells folks about all the great F and J MR's she went on such as 3 Alaska trips, JFK-LAX-SLC-ONT for a Santa Monica Anniversary trip with an ONT-SEA-JFK return. She even contemplated doing a JFK-MEX-SCL-MEX-JFK trip on AM with me - more than the 2 hour turn, maybe 3-4 days in SCL.

You have many, many options. Just open your mind to the possibilities.

I'd recommend going to DM and worrying about next year, next year. I think that once you're there, you won't go back. If you want more detail including how to do a financial analysis of PM vs.DM, or anything else, just PM me.

I can tell you from experience that the first year after the DM is a little tough re-qualifying but after that you start to build up rollover, maybe get a second AMEX Card and soon you're in the over 125K rollover group with no pressure.

Good luck.
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