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How to avoid Diamond (can I remove SM #)?

Hi Folks- I have a question that is a bit of the opposite of what most people post about. Rather than looking for ways to gain more miles, I am seeking some advice on how to avoid them! (I know, it's odd).

For the past few years, I comfortably make Platinum completely thanks to rollover miles. It is just the right and consistent mileage earning level for me year after year. And I'm completely happy with Plat (the only 2 benefits I need and use are the priority phone line and the ability to redeposit award miles). I adhere to WFBF so do not depend on upgrades.

The situation I'm in this year is that I rolled over a lot of miles last year and had more European travel this year than in most years. When my Delta Amex extra award MQMs rolled in, I realized that I'm going to go into Diamond this year. But if I do, I'll have almost no rollover miles. And that probably means that I will fall short of Plat the following year. Yet all of my tickets through the end of the year are already purchased and have my SM number attached to them.

Does anyone here know if I can call Delta (or go on DL.com) and remove my sky miles numbers from my existing itineraries? Will I loose TSA pre-check for those flights? And is there any reason why I couldn't be honest with a phone agent about why I am doing this? I imagine Delta wouldn't care if someone prefers NOT earn miles, but maybe I'm missing something that they would be displeased with such a request.

Thanks for any advice!
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