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Up to 7 now:

nufnuf77 BA163 20D 4JAN and BA164 26C 6JAN
angeloedades BA163 26A 4JAN and BA164 30A 6JAN
KARFA BA163 30K 4JAN and BA164 26K 6JAN
flyuk BA163 39J 4JAN and BA164 39A 6JAN
dp1586 +1 on BA163 21C 4JAN and BA164 27H 6JAN
bhbloke on BA165 26A 4JAN and BA164 26H 6JAN

Terribly sorry to imply you might have loaded a 'mistake fare'.

Two of us posted yesterday we're on board; myself here , @Scallywag72 here . Also, I interprete @Innocent Abroad posting here as being interested to join us in TLV, arriving from HAM.

If two's a party and three's a crowd, 9-10 certainly qualifies a DO.

Has anyone done some research regarding hotels? Quickly browsing Sheraton & Hilton showed prices way higher than the flight cost, but this time, that standard might not be applicable .
Arriving 03.20, I guess two nights will be needed.
Making a mistake by missing a space before quoting the post from Scallywag72, thus making the computer choose the poster profile instead of the correct post #97 . Corrected in my post as above too. Sorry for confusing anyone.
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