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Originally Posted by eponymous_coward View Post
CX cannot be used as a carrier for an itinerary between two points in the US, even if they are only flying an international itinerary. That is a cabotage violation. That is why AS will not book a single award USA-YVR-JFK. Cathay has the authority to transport passengers YVR-JFK on a single ticket, but not USA-YYR-JFK.

There is a rather famous for FT instance where you could construct itineraries on tickets that violated cabotage, although the carriers were all flying legal routes. Some FT wiseguy decided to fly a DOT complaint for some stupid reason on one of those tickets. Fines for violating cabotage ensued, and that little loophole went away. So yes, the DOT will fine you for cabotage if you let a ticketed itinerary to be constructed that violates it.

Those cases involved foreign carrier ONLY (OZ GUAM-ICN-US and NH GUAM-JPN-US). These cases makes it clear cabotage can occur "regardless of the duration of the stopover, the passenger's immigration status at the intermediate point or points, the number of tickets under which the transportation is conducted, and the number of foreign air carriers under which transportation is conducted." In OZ case, fare was priced as combination of Guam to ICN and ICN to US fares (footnote 4)

In other words, the number of awards/fare involved is irrelevant in determining cabotage. If we take your definition as correct (foreign carrier involved, but NOT wholly involved), then AS (and AA) issuing a ticket involving more than one award for CX JFK-YVR and AS/AA YVR to US is still cabotage in eyes of DOT. And we know AA/AS will issue such a ticket.

Further evidence to consider (foreign and US carrier on itinerary):
In Orbitz, I can purchase AC LGA-YYZ connecting with UA to ORD.
Priceline sell US carrier LGA-YYZ connecting with AC to ORD.

In ITA MATRIX multi segment:
  1. LGA-YYZ JUL 27
  2. YYZ-ORD JUL 28
If you select AC for segment 1, segment 2 will only return AC flights departing more than 24 hours after arrival of segment 1. However it will return UA flights for segment 2 departing less than 24 hours after arrival of segment 1.

Seems to be me DOT considered OZ/NH cases as cabotage because it involved foreign carrier ONLY and OZ was also marketing it.

While I agree you can't redeem single AS award CX JFK-YVR connecting to US carrier to US, it is not because it is cabotage. If CX JFK-YVR connecting to AS YVR-USA is truly cabotage, I suggest filing various DOT complaints because AS/AA/AC/UA are still violating it.
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