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Thanks for all the suggestions! It seams like some would recommend to go to a location right know and others think it's better to just not do anything at all... I didn't know that dirt roads are not included into the agreement and I was never told that. It was a county road but I'm not sure if that gonna help me out here...
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Is it the underbody or is there damage to the actual painted body parts? It would be helpful if you could be specific about what type of damage and how extensive or minor it is as that may change the recommendations.
I don't know much about cars itself so I can only tell that it's underbody damage. It's a the right front of it and some plastic is hang down.

I have a insurance coverage independently from the rental company with a 1k$ deduction so I guess that will help me there. Should I first contact my insurance or should I go to the hertz location first and than find out what to do?
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