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Originally Posted by catcher1 View Post
Congratulations on your family success, and my condolences for the DFW time split.
Paris was always a reward. Hit goals-you go. No goal-no go and spend time at home with 24/7 adult supervision.

Dr. daughter never hit goal until after her 1st semester at University. My wife suggested that since I set her goals, I take her. "Daddy, this place is holy f*****g wow! Now I know. Thank you!" Like her dad, she can't wait to get there, and can't wait to get back.

My kids enjoy successes in their fields that I envy, am proud of, am amazed at, create wonder ... and I could only hope for in my wildest dreams.

So, in these times of "Fake News", this explains my ultra low tolerance of "Fake Parents". They, and their spawn, can KMRRA. Appointments available by PM

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