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Originally Posted by Dallas49er View Post
Thank you for your heartfelt and well thought out comment.

JUST SO YOU KNOW: Status was a gift. The kids never benefitted until way later.

By design: Work (and bonus) got 5 kids into "great" schools that helped them achieve their goals: One Major University department head, one youngest police LT ever in a major West Coast City, One Navy wife who also happens to be THE ESL "lady" for the navy (USN), one recent honors graduate from the design Institute in Milan. Oh, and the one I worried about the most: MD+++. Research Oncologist (Defining moment-Cancer killed her best friend her senior year-now all she wants to do is KILL it back).

Currently semi-retired with wife, splitting time between DFW and CDG.
Congratulations on your family success, and my condolences for the DFW time split.
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