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Originally Posted by YuropFlyer View Post
Arrival from SIN is considered "dirty", so you'll have to go through at least one security check (and immigration)

Most probably your arrival will be at E gate (chance of D gates), your departure is most probably from the A gates (chance of B gates)

Anyway, transfer and lounge access is really easy.

If you arrive in E, you've two choices:
1) Go into SEN Lounge E (Security Check beforehand, immigration later on when you go towards your ATH gate)
2) Go towards Arrivals to visit the Arrivals lounge (No security check, just immigration)

You can combine them freely. Also it's possible to visit the E lounge first, then the Arrival lounge, then head towards your Gate, but that will make it a double security check (once before E lounge, once when getting back airside)

But security checks in ZRH - especially on the priority lane - almost always is fast and civilized. $

Thus distance (and FT-spirit wise!) visiting first the Sen E lounge (they do good omelettes and other egg dishes to order - but no bacon anymore..) and then visiting the Arrival lounge (Bacon, sausages, quite good sweets..) will be a good idea to "kill" your 4hrs in ZRH

There is currently no proper lounge at the A gates for anyone but F/HON pax, LX is handing out rather lame vouchers instead (for a year now.. go figure!) - but by visiting the lounges and then grabbing the voucher, you'll show Swiss what you think of their cheapness

Get a voucher (just try to reach the A area about 45min prior to departure), get yourself some stuff at the NZZ café (my personal favorites is "Kägi Fret" chocolate and a Coke Zero 5dl for take away, since you'll have filled up in the lounge beforehand anyway ) and then head to your gate. But spend the 3+ hours beforehand either/and at the Sen E / Arrival lounge Have fun.
Wow! Excellent, thank you very much for this detailed guide and recommendations YuropFlyer^
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