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Originally Posted by abc193 View Post
Thanks - I have been lucky with baredemptionfinder.com before (coincidentally on the exact route you've provided) and am (relatively) up to speed with Avios availability/booking strategies. I was more curious about the F revenue fares that are cheaper than J (like the screenshot you've provided).

Edit: Just re-read your post. Is it common for F fares to be less than J on heavy business-heavy days due to most corporate policies only allowing bookings in J, thus reducing availability in J but with F remaining empty?
On the NRT route which seems in general to be leisure-heavy (vs HND), it seems that yes on the days that appear to have more business travellers then there are cheaper F fares (eg flying out Fridays / back Saturdays) - I appreciate I am a sample size of one, but it's rare for me to book and it not to be cheaper for at least one of the legs. eg my return trip next Saturday - albeit now moved to HND as the NRT flight got cancelled - was >£600 cheaper in F (when booked). Then 2x F seats were released last Weds for this Friday's outbound. So I managed F both ways for a few Avios and 'saving' a chunk of money too. Which is why I likely have a different perspective/set of expectations than someone booking F with a big £uplift over CW, I have very little to be disappointed with
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