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Originally Posted by cagcag View Post
Hello. Are 1K flyers traveling in BE offered the usual economy free snacks/drinks?
have no idea for sure, but when BE was rolled out, UA specifically said that the onboard product was the same (includes free entertainment on the planes that have it, free snacks/beverages, etc.). Based on that, Iíd guess yes.

Originally Posted by EmailKid View Post
Pretty sure the answer is no. For all intents and purposes BE is a Kettle fare to compete with ULCCs who offer NOTHING for free other than personal item.
maybe (or so UA says - itís more a revenue grab, IMO). But BE is essentially just the lowest Y fare class that comes with restrictions. As mentioned, was originally soecificallt stated to have same onbord services. What makes you pretty sure (not trying to be combatitive - Iím seriously curious).

Originally Posted by physioprof View Post
Once you're on the plane, how would a flight attendant know you're on a BE fare?
Dont know if fare is actually indicated, but Iím pretty sure the app on the FA devices could at least theoretically do it. It definitely indicates status, and even name based on the seat they select - I know because last time I did BOB, they selected my seat and name came up with the seat number (they selected this before taking my payment). Couldnít be that difficult to put fare class, or at least an indication for BE, there.

Originally Posted by EmailKid View Post
Bolding mine. BE is not Economy, but again, we'll have to wait for first hand report, and we all know FA can bend the rules or make up their own .....
BE is economy (what do you think the E part stands for) - itís just got additional restrictions on these fares.
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