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For the Avios availability, setting up a dummy avoid booking and trying to book periodically - and, when it finds a seat, pounce LOL. Also https://www.baredemptionfinder.com which can be frustrating if the days around your booking turn blue but your stays resolutely blank! But just knowing that seats can free up pretty close to the flight makes actively checking worthwhile.
I find working slightly out of step of the days fellow business travellers generally choose helps too, which has given me a good share of op-ups also (eg fly a day earlier than my colleagues would to the US, on a leisure-heavy day) I guess I am likely just very lucky on my routes that are very obviously business-heavy on certain days and not on others - but I guess figuring out what those days are is down to flying them pretty regularly and noticing patterns.
Thanks - I have been lucky with baredemptionfinder.com before (coincidentally on the exact route you've provided) and am (relatively) up to speed with Avios availability/booking strategies. I was more curious about the F revenue fares that are cheaper than J (like the screenshot you've provided).

Edit: Just re-read your post. Is it common for F fares to be less than J on heavy business-heavy days due to most corporate policies only allowing bookings in J, thus reducing availability in J but with F remaining empty?
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