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Originally Posted by Kremmen View Post
The introduction of the change fee is going to be an expense for those booking on Cathay who aren't in a city served directly by CX.

Example: Friends booking 2 J tickets from Australia to Seattle. AS agent saw the same J space on possibilities for the first leg as QF/BA (but not the PE space) and only offered HKG-SFO, so not sure if she could see the HKG-LAX space. (There was 2J showing on both CX882 and CX892 on QF/BA.)

ADL-HKG-SFO booked fine. This was for Apr 29 next year, within the first 24 hours that it could be booked, so there was no AS award availability for SFO-SEA. Today, SFO-SEA is showing F award availability, so they'll be able to add it. In future, this reservation would cost a change fee. Basically unavoidable, because leaving the booking until the AS connection can be booked, odds are the CX availability will be gone.

(Of the 8 J seats that were showing available on Apr 29 HKG-LAX/SFO a day or so ago, there is only 1 left now, according to BA, and that's on CX880.)
Originally Posted by jinglish View Post
It's not just booking an AS connection that'll suck if you're not a Gold or 75K. Any HKG connections from westbound TRANSPAC flights are going to be the next day, so that'll require a subsequent call if you're booking at AS's schedule window opening. Same goes for booking a stopover in either direction.
Is competition for CX seats that keen s.t. you can't even wait 24 hours?

If you guys are snapping up all seats made available at the 330 day border, I think there's a eminent business case for CX to raise AS reimbursement rates for premium awards.
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