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Originally Posted by drvannostren View Post
Dumbest thing I've ever heard.

I'm a ground handler, the only "revenge" I ever want to exact is on the people who pack more in their bags than they could ever possibly lift, because I have to lift that, plus then most people put no consideration into their choice of bags, buy a bag with a handle on the bottom please, or at least the 4 spinner wheels, cuz I can grab that. I've never ONCE heard of or seen (in 10 years in the business) anyone look at a priority tag and say "F those rich .......s, I'm gonna put their bag last". It simply doesn't happen like that.

Your bag could be last for any number of reasons, but THIS I can almost guarantee isn't it. The ONLY way I'd even suggest this as a reason is because of French labour views, they seem to strike at the drop of a hat, so maybe JUST MAYBE thinks that this is some silent protest.
I thank you for your expert comments stated in three posts.

I fully understand that priority bags can have involuntary incidents as well as sometimes get treated with others.
At my old age, I have legged over a thousand of longhaul flights and have personal experience besides those of family/colleagues/friends.
As you know, different airports have different systems, some more automatized than others. You also know that, except at some dedicated terminals, most handlers are not airline employee but airport employees. For example, AFKL flights arriving at HKG are handled by airport employees; I always had my bag arrive among the first, sometimes mixed with other bags coming from transit flights.

But my point is solely about CDG bag handlers and their numerous fights with AF (or other airlines).

I won't post anymore on this topic, nor mention several other types of incidents involving CDG bag handlers, because everything I would say will be called hearsay, even if coming from reliable airport sources.
Again this is not a general attack on the profession.
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