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Originally Posted by NickB View Post
And what does this establish other than baggage handlers in Asia (or at any rate some Asian destinations) take priority baggage delivery more seriously (no doubt because it has been rammed in their head by their employer that this is important as well as reflective of a rather different culture)?
I'll try to make this my last comment, but threads like this that are nothing but accusatory of me and everyone else that does this thankless job really piss me off.

Yes, SOME of the Asian carriers take it more seriously. The "classy" ones. ANA and CX here at YVR do a much better job with priority bags than MU, CZ, CA and the other recent influx of Chinese carriers. I can't speak to SQ because I never worked under them here.

What I will say is, when the loads are planned correctly, IE: J/F bags loaded last, AT the door in the aft of the aircraft, there's no excuse for the priority bags not to come out either first, or almost first. I say almost first, because usually you'll pull a string of 4 cans away from the plane, in that string, you've probably got 1 can of priority, 1 can of local, MAYBE a can of hot connections depending on your station, then something else.

Those bags get taken to the carousel, but there's likely anywhere between 2-4 individuals there to offload them. The cans simply aren't big enough to have 4 people on 1, that's too many even for a house can from Philippines, so you'll have like 2 guys dumping priority bags and 2 guys dumping the first can of "regular" bags. So that's why you might see a mix. That's how things SHOULD go.

I'm not gonna get into narrowbody priority bags, I've ranted about that before, it's all dependent on the originating station to get priority bags right on a narrowbody.

Instances where you might not get priority cans off first would be if the weight distribution was such that they had to be loaded in the front of the aircraft, or if it was loaded incorrectly to begin with, or if they had to put cargo in a position that blocks bags, or if some priority bags are in the bulk bin. Again, that's all pretty avoidable for the most part, but it's up to the loadplanners and originating ramp guys to get it right.

Now I'll also give you the stupidity angle. Let's assume 2 strings of bags have been dropped off at the carousel when no one was there, OR if the guys there were offloading something else. Some people are dumb, it's an entry level job, they might not look at the cards on the cans and pick the priority bag can first. I try, but I can't fix stupid . Also because of the type of job it is, you might just get some guys that don't care, which isn't part of the attitude in Japan/Korea or in places where job security might be a bit more tenuous.

Also if you've got a priority tag but your item is fragile/oversized, odds are it's coming out last, no matter what, because that belt is often far away from the carousel, and I can't be driving back and forth for every single item. Lesson is, don't fly with oversized/fragile items if you're in any kind of a hurry.

So I just wanna reinforce that the odds of someone intentionally screwing with you and dropping your bag last is REALLY slim. The videos of bad baggage handling are always out there. 1) that doesn't represent the majority of us 2) the job doesn't allow us to treat your luggage like a chandelier 3) things often look worse than they are.

As usual if anyone has any questions, I'm happy to answer them.
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