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The way I meant my post to be was: "You will find the occasional $3 table but mostly you're looking at $5 minimum off-strip, and at least $10 on the strip and often $15."

The point on poker is well-taken but both poker and blackjack require a significant amount of learning. I've played poker just twice. Once was a low-limit tournament at Circus Circus because I had a friend playing. The other was a $1-4 limit hold'em game at Bellagio. I had been kibbitzing a friend who is a good player playing $10-20 for about 10-12 hours, and he suggested I try to play on my own and just imitate his strategy. We were bridge partners and played at a fairly high level so I considered myself astute at "cards." I played for over an hour, didn't win a pot, and lost a bit over $100. I didn't really have a good time.

The point about come and 6/8 is well-taken also, but they will increase your volatility and the OP seemed mainly to want to play as long as possible on a $100 bankroll.

Slots are a reasonable way to pass the time but you will have a losing session probably 90% of the time, where at table games I'd say it's more like 60-65%.

I don't really ever remember playing where a dealer stood on soft 17, and I've been playing for 35 years. However, I won't play if blackjack pays 6:5. It just offends me. I mostly play at Four Queens which I think is 6:5 but I play blackjack switch there, so that rule change doesn't matter. (Blackjack switch always pays even money on blackjacks.)
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