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OS - Smart Upgrade / baggage query

hi there. Please forgive what is probably a basic question (Im usually over on the BA forum).

I made a booing on OS, econ light (MXP to VIE).

I bidded for a smart upgrade (80)

Subsequently I also added one item of checked luggage to my booking (at 25).

Today I learned that I have been successfully upgraded. However the new booking shows me as having no checked luggage allowance - perhaps reflecting the original econ light fare. But of course ignoring the 25 I have in fact paid. Do I just ignore this (I still need to take the checked luggage and of course I have paid 25, I have the receipt etc) or do I need to do something?

(for a roughly equivalent situation on BA I would know that their systems are sloppy and that a 30 minute phone call to rectify THEIR mistake would now be needed. I hope Austrian are different...)

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