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Originally Posted by flyer_tom View Post
Hi all,

So a complete ITA novice here! I've managed to construct the attached itinerary, which initially I thought I'd done very well on! However after adding up the tier points it seems to only total 700 (boo!). What've I done wrong/what should I be looking at doing to make it more points worthy/generally better!

As usual thanks to everyone for all their help!

My suggestion is to just break down the reservation in four bits:

1. OTP-LAX, 27/8 preferred time morning, routing codes LHR JFK. Doing this you can have the earlier transcon AA133 1700-2026. Three hours earlier in LA is good for you after a long day, and it's going to be an early rise next day See comment below on hotel option for convenience.

2. LAX-PHX on 28/8, don't bother with details, the (too) early AA767 0600-0730 is the only flight available for the low price you opt for

3. PHX-LAX can be done on early morning 29/8, but haven't you done some early mornings in a row already? There is a misunderstanding that the return from the destination must be on Sunday. That's not correct, the TATL does, though. I would search for 28/8 and give preferred timing morning, midday and afternoon. That way you can do a B2B in PHX returning with AA760 at 1002, AA899 at 1400 or, if you prefer the dry desert heat in PHX before the Pacific breeze summer climate in LA, even later. Here's an other advantage besides the climate: make a reservation for two hotel nights in LA, thus leaving bags and stuff not needed for two 1.5h flights and some lounge time in PHX. Taking the AA760 leaves a lot of time to explore LA, perhaps rent a small car and go to one of many available beaches?

4. LAX-OTP for 29/8, routing codes JFK LHR, preferred time morning. By this little cunning plan you will have the choice of starting 0800 with AA307, an hour later with AA002 or even have a sleep-in and take AA238 at 1030. Don't miss the opportunity to spend some time in th Admirals Club or the QF lounge in TBIT. The 0900 departure will still leave you with a choice of most evening flights TATL and some ample lounge time. Arriving OTP at 1700 just as your example.

My proposed itinerary is priced the same as you got. If you have a BA Amex, you might consider clicking for BA flight prefix when you get the menu for #4 above, 9 more, if the extra Avios are worth that

TP earnings as mentioned above is (80+140+140+40 ) x 2 = 800, i.e. 1.625 /TP
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