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When staying at LeM it's very simple to avoid the Patpong touts to/from the BTS: simply avoid Patpong and use Soi Japan instead ( ie the next Soi up from Patpong heading towards Rama4). Caucasian foreigners are not welcome in the establishments there and you won't be harassed . It's a very easy walk through to Silom and Sala Daeng BTS.
Personally I like LeM but do agree that the happy hour thing is a bit lame ( said by one who likes coffee and a snack at around 6.00pm but not alcohol).
For those looking for it on a map, I believe you are referring to Soi Thaniya. There are a lot of Japanese restaurants but at night it still has a lot of drinking establishments catered towards the Japanese, although it is more pleasant to walk through unless you are a fairer skinned Asian - in which case the girls sitting around are just as grabby. Strangely enough, walking through Patpong as an Asian results in less harassment. I don't mind the Patpong area as much as the other red light districts, honestly. Walking through the middle row of the night market, you are basically left alone, since the touts that harass people are on either side where the bars are. I am a guy who prefers the W hotel, however. Walk though Silom Square building right to Chong Nonsi BTS, without ever having to deal with any of that.

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I may have done that route once. Is there a supermarket on that route? It was actually a pretty nice market if so. You avoid the more crowded Sois but not all the activity as some of it spills onto Surowang.

To respond to a couple other posts, yes I did not like the LM by Patpontg and that certainly impacts my opinion, but I went in with an open mind. Since the merger I have had great stays at SPG properties, including in Prague (recommended to friends who will be there in two days over the Marriott), Bali and Siam Reap. I am not, as someone via email accused, an SPG hater. I appreciate that others like this hotel, but as I have stated over and over, if you are used to the full service Marriott properties in Bangkok the LM is probably not going to be your new favorite. By comparison I found it lacking, but YMMV.
That is Patpong 2 which has a Foodland supermarket. I don't like walking down there at night since cars and motorbikes still go down that road at night, which isn't especially safe since it is so narrow and there are sometimes people stumbling around the street. Soi Thaniya is a two alleys over, between there is an alley before Soi Thaniya that is full of restaurants that opens up on Silom but doesn't go through all the way to Surawong.

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