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Originally Posted by pinniped View Post
If it's a business trip and there was some really compelling reason to select Norwegian to begin with (only available evening nonstop), then I'd upgrade them both without thinking twice about it.
Whilst I've worked in the US and been able to fly everywhere business class, I have also worked with companies that were exceptionally strict and certain employees had to take the lowest cost fare no matter how long, additional stops, class of airline etc that required to achieve (worst of all is that one of the companies that did this was a US company who allowed US employees business class on all flights, western Europe business class on long haul flights, and rest of world simply the cheapest).

In one case someone from the Manila office had to take 2 connections and 24 hours to get to Milan in economy and straight from the airport into the office despite the UK team willing to pay for the 14 hour business class option because it was against company policy.
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