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Posting from the cabin of G-YMMD with a couple of observations:
- No announcements were made about the WiFi facility, and it isnít advertised anywhere on board
- Pricing and 1 hour free are still as per the first post
- The registration form was glitchy - my friend and I could not register because of a bug in the page, meaning that a mandatory security question could not be selected. Without choosing a security question you are unable to proceed. After much tapping away, we accidentally found a way to get the form to work, which we couldnít repeat.
Advice would be to sign up to a BA .air account before travelling in case this is a regular issue. Iím not sure exactly *how* to do this, but was the URL. Itís not the same as Exec Club account.
Once signed up, no further problems
- Speed is OK on the 1 hour free service. Fine for general browsing and messaging. Canít get a speed test to run so canít give exact numbers.

Sorry if any of this has been mentioned before in this thread - hope this is useful to any future travellers
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