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$100 bankroll isn't going to get you very far in Vegas. This is a reasonable guide to bankroll for a three hour session, and $100 means about $2 table game bets or nickel slots/video poker. Not a lot of places on the Strip are offering $2 table minimums or good odds at that low action (or really, much of anywhere in Vegas, but "I need to play at $5 minimums or less" is less ridiculous off Strip). This is true for video poker, slots or for table games- Strip gaming is for tourists and doesn't offer the best odds until you're playing with large sums of money (like $100+ a hand).

I'd head over to Ellis Island on Koval or Casino Royale and see if you can find a $5 table, that is how you'd be able to extend your action the longest. The microbrew beer at Ellis Island is $2.25, which is close enough to free. Their specials in the coffee shop are decent and good value. This also saves you the cost of an Uber since both are in easy walking distance of the Bellagio.

If you want to Uber it somewhere with low limits, in downtown Vegas the El Cortez has $3 craps and double deck blackjack, $5 single deck and some decent nickel slots/video poker. Both versions of blackjack offer better odds than the 6/8 deck shoes or (shudder) continuous shuffling machines you will find at Strip casinos. Avoid any blackjack where blackjack pays at 6:5. You want 3:2.
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