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Originally Posted by Fluzz View Post
Thinking back I don't think I've had a top up, ever. This is after about 6 or 7 Club World flights. I've never been offered a chocolate either, including one mildly irritating incident on the Babybus where I was waiting in keen anticipation for a sugar fix, only for the crew member to hand the whole thing over to the guy before me and tell him to, "just keep the box sir".
what box is that? on the babybus you get a small individual box with two chocolates in, i am fairly sure it's placed on your tray. i don't remember ever seeing a larger box being offered around on CWLCY or exLHR CW. are you confusing this with a F flight?

also that's quite an achievement not to get top ups on the babybus considering the cc to passenger ratio and the small cabin. I can just about understand being forgotten sat in a window seat on a 777, but no idea how you would be forgotten on the babybus

On our one and only First LHR - SEA, I was in 1A and my OH in 2A. I had one drink (alcoholic or otherwise) other than the welcome glass the whole 10 hour flight, no one came near me. I was therefore completely surprised when we landed and stood up to deplane and my OH was noticeably non-sober, having been cossetted by the same crew member who had spent the time studiously pretending I didn't exist. I should have said something at the time. I would these days. I'm sure had I rung the bell there would have been no problem, but it would have been nice if someone had checked in every couple of hours or so.
this is odd, did no cc come near you in 10 hrs? how did you manage to get fed?

EDIT: sorry I don't mean to subject to to any kind of inquisition on your post, but certainly your experiences seem very surprising.

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