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Originally Posted by Padmeister View Post
I read this thread and just think why don't you just ask for more water or wine or whatever it maybe?

Hmmm I tried to do this in F on Saturday night on way back from SJC. i pressed the Call button 3 times (wanting some water) over 20 minutes. then got up and went to the Galley, and no-one was there. There was a 1/2 bottle of sparkling water on a trolley (with a nearly empty box of chocs) - but I couldn't find any glasses or cups. I had to go back through F & J to the next galley, where all the crew were sitting eating/chatting and the chap looking after F said, "yep I'll bring some down to you" which he did.

Didn't feel like F service, especially as a few times I was told, "sorry for the delay, but this is our first time doing the new CW product". I saw the CSD for the first time as we were getting ready to land.

Also, they didn't have my 1st or second choice of main course, and the pasta I had was inedible. I was offered something from CW, but declined and was glad i had the enormous Chicken Strippers at Joe's in the airport. [ the SJC lounge food was a few crackers and those plastic cheese cubes ]

I was on an avios plus GUF1 ticket, so maybe that contributed.

First world problems - hey-ho - and i feel a bit cheap for mentioning it. I survived!
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