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Originally Posted by tuchop View Post
Thanks for the answer! I have both Italian and Argentinean passports. Which one should I use?
Also, is there any limit in the amount of hours before the flight that I can check my bags?
23hrs before departure (you can only get airside on the same calendar day, though)

Generally, a EU passport should be better to hop over to Non-Schengen E and back, but if you're otherwise travelling only on our Argentinian passport (ie, you never use your Italian otherwise) records might show up "funny" and you'd have to explain what you're doing. But it shouldn't be a problem. Your Argentinian one will get stamped otherwise, even if you hold unlimited Schengen entry-exit visa, to my understanding, so to avoid 2 extra stamps, using the Italian one might be better (but I'm not an expert on dual-passport holders...)
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