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Originally Posted by saaveraward View Post
and why would I trust the company line from a hotel that you state has "service underwhelming?"

Perhaps you need better awareness of your surroundings because someone who has physically viewed the property should be able to determine whether there is straight line of site from guest rooms to the lake or whether there are buildings in the way or if it is too low to see the lake.
I think that is rather harsh given no one is obliged to provide any info here.

I had an upgrade to what was described as a view room on the first of the two levels above the entrance in the low rise front building. I could see bits of the Lake but only small bits. It makes sense that the view would be better higher up but as I didn't enter anyone's room but my own I can't vouch for it. The view from the bar on the top level was excellent but even that was not "perfect" because the hotel is set back from the edge of the Lake behind a row of buildings on the other side of the road.

I would add that I found the service very good on my three night stay. The staff were enthusiastic and helpful.
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