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I checked the last May week (28th, 30th, 1st Jun) and all seem to have F cabin.. None further on though.
I checked all three dates you listed. I can select seats in rows 1 & 2 but only C or H which don’t exist in F. The only available seats in rows 1 & 2 are actually C and H. Other seats (A, D, G and K) are marked “occupied” but I suspect they are blocked. It makes me wonder if the system is only letting me choose the seats which only exist in C because they don’t know for certain if it will be a 3-class or 4-class aircraft operating the flight. If it’s 3-class I stay in 1C and there may be someone in 1A. If it’s 4-class they’ll move me to 1A since 1C does not exist. Does it make sense?

I also checked EF and all flights show a 4-class configuration but all seats in rows 1&2 are blocked.

Even more OT but it reminds me of when LX sent a 343 to ATH in December. I had reserved 2F in Business but didn’t notice when I received my BP via email from Aegean (I was connecting in ATH) that my seat had been moved to 5F. I actually ended up in 5K (a window seat in the mini-cabin) since 5F did not exist on the 343.
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