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I finally ran across some articles about battery packs and limit of 160 wh (whatever that means). The Chinese are the primary country setting these restrictions. If the battery pack isn't labeled so they can see the limit is at 160 or less, they will take it. On carryon, you are allowed 2 cordless type batteries. I've never had any problems going through either Japan and Tapai, and I've been bringing batteries for 14 years. I had originally put them in my carryon and, at my first flight segment at Kansas City, I asked a TSA agent whether it would be better to carry batteries in carryon or checked. He didn't give me a definitive answer, so I switched them to checked. Having the batteries taken was bad. Keeping my bag for 2 weeks with no communication (they had phone number and email address) is unconscionable and will result in a compensation complaint filed by me the day that I set foot at LAX
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