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Originally Posted by Pilot37 View Post

BA 155
LHR 05/08/18 5:15 PM
CAI 05/08/18 11:00 PM
J5 C0 D0 R0 I0 W9 E9 T7 Y8 B5 H5 K5M5 L4 V4 S4 N3 Q0 O0 G0

Its so close to departure all advanced purchase fare buckets are closed, but I’d guess you are fine with the above load in your current seat.

One thing I do wonder: with J=5, does that include the eight First seats? Or would it be 5+8=13? I don't know how that works in this instance [my presumption would be there are four available seats, including those in First, with BA willing to oversell by one as WTP seems to have plenty of space?]

I think it's worth the risk sticking with First seating on this occasion though. It's only a 5hr flight, so a middle seat isn't going to kill me on a 2-3-2 arrangement plane. Plus I'm party of one, so no complications slotting me into window/aisle either, as applicable.

On the outbound LHR-CAI the seat map was showing about six empty seats, but the flight was completely full.

I think I've convinced myself enough.

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