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A post in another thread got me to look at the terms and conditions of the upgrade. This is what I found.

While we all know the answers from phone agents can be unreliable, I decided to give them a call. He did put me on hold to talk to a supervisor, for what that is worth.

In my case, my annual fee will be billed in January, but if I upgrade now, I won't get the free night until May. This is specifically because a product change generates a new anniversary date at the time of the product change. So right now, my anniversary is when my annual fee is billed. But if I took the upgrade offer today, that anniversary date would change to today's date.

The fact that the terms and conditions above are worded they way they are backs up what the rep told me. I will probably wait until late in the year now before I decide whether to upgrade the card. I was planning on canceling when the annual fee was due. However, I also need more points for LTPP. So I will reevaluate the decision in November to judge how badly I need the 10K.
I just opened the old Marriott Premier in April. So if I choose to upgrade in October, then that means I have to wait an additional 5 months to get the free night award certificate in 2019, but yet I will be billed the annual fee next April. If so, seems like the best course of action is to upgrade as soon as possible, then decide whether to cancel this card before April 2019.
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