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I get the obvious things that can draw negative attention to an account such as charge backs, WM bill pay, opening a lot of new cards etc. My spend is almost exclusively maxing 5x categories at office supply stores and has been for several years if anyone were to look at the account. The issue is I keep getting auto-increases on my credit line every year which presents another risk. I don't see a way to opt out of that feature online so I'd need to call to opt out and ask for the reduction. Any opinions on how risky it would be to call to get a credit line reduction?
I was just approved for a CSR and CSP. The CSR went to recon and was approved for $25K+. During the approval I asked for it to be reduced to the minimum of $10K. The agent also asked if I wanted to opt out of any future credit increases and I said yes. The CSP was approved for $15K+ without recon so I SM'd to request a reduction to $5k.
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