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It turns out that I was misled. The bag is in Shanghai, not Kunming. I found this out through contacting lost luggage at CNX, run by Thai Airways. They contacted China Eastern in BKK, who found the luggage. China Eastern in Shanghai has a problem with lithium batteries, like the one in the Samsung tablet, car batteries and some disposable chargeable AA and AAA batteries. They have gotten hot and exploded in the past. Here is a picture of one of the two cordless batteries that were in my suitcase: [img]webkit-fake-url://d7ac96c3-2de5-47d1-b6cb-36984228a699/imagejpeg[/img]
I've brought the exact same battery to my Chiangmai house at least 6 times over the last 12 years, on 4 different airlines (none of which were China Eastern Airlines, nor did I fly through China up to now). The Thai airline's lady that is helping me gave me China Eastern's email address in Bangkok She told me to write them, give them the number off both my baggage claim and the lost luggage, and tell them to send bag to Chiangmai as soon as possible (presumably without the batteries).
Ill wait to see what happens. If I don't pick up bag by Tuesday morning, I'll go with Plan B, and file a claim for compensation for the bag and contents. If they send me the bag without batteries, I'll still go with Plan B and file for compensation for not receiving bag within 7 days (hopefully, that will come close to paying for batteries). If bag arrives with everything, all is forgiven and I'll never fly China Eastern again.
the only thing useful that I found out about the taxing, time consuming ordeal is never contact China Eastern within the borders of China. They are worse than useless. They give you wrong information. I am going to give the China Eastern customer representative at LAX a tongue lashing that he or she will remember for a long time.


I don't know how to post picture of my cordless batteries but I posted the link:

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