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Amex MR not transferring to SPG

Hello SPG folks/users

Posting this thread on this forum to see if anyone has ever had this issue too. Turns out I have been trying, unsuccessfully, to transfer my AMEX MR to SPG for the last 6 days. I have spent hours with both AMEX and SPG on the phone to no avail. Both accounts are linked, yet as soon as I try to transfer points, all transactions get rejected/cancelled immediately.
AMEX keeps saying my names do not match, but:
1. If they didn't match my accounts would not be linked (originally names didn't match so I had to call both to change names and ensure they matched. AS soon as I had the same name on both systems I was able to link the accounts)
2. I have talked to both companies (in multiple times) and I even got to conference call with an agent from each company to ensure my name matched on their ends.

I am running out of options and I need to transfer my points. Any ideas, recommendations?

@Starwood Lurker, would you be able to help me?
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