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Photo guide for hot breakfast options for BA Gold/Emerald/First passengers at T3

I have got together a set of photos which give the options for those able to get into the First lounges in T3. In the case of Qantas there's no difference, it's one business class and first lounge, buffet only, no order menu. In the case of Cathay there is effectively no buffet arrangement, it's order menu only but there is a hot buffet arrangement in their business section. AA and BA have both buffet and order menu options.

In the case of BA and AA, the business/Silver/Sapphire option is much reduced on the First options - for these passengers they probably best go to Qantas or Cathay instead if they want hot food, depending on tastes. For Emeralds, I think there are various nuances at play, and it's good that we have such a good selection available to us in T3.

So in alphabetical order:

American Airlines - International First lounge

This is a new arrangement for AA, previously they used long trays on a hot plate. Essentially the options are the fewest in number compared to the alternatives, and also the departure of AA's own flights often makes this the busiest lounge in the mornings. Personally I wouldn't be heading for this lounge unless there were specific things of interest, perhaps on the order menu. AA is the only lounge with both freshly squeezed orange and grapefruit. The lounge is run by Rhubarb, with a high staff ratio, and that aspect counts in their favour. Tea and coffee is a bit of a disaster area here, but there are the pick and mix sweet jars. And very fast wifi (20 mb/s).

British Airways - Galleries First lounge

BA has the most comprehensive offering in terms of range of items, including the all important black pudding. There are 3 other areas for the cereals, porridge and fruit that I've not added here. I also think the arrangement of both dining area and lounge seating, buffet and menu, gives a good flexibility all round. BA also has the more comprehensive drinks options, and have the best tea range. It also open the longest hours of the lounges, opening at 05:00 hrs, closing at 22:30 hrs.

Cathay - First lounge

For Cathay there is only the order menu, there is a buffet in the Business lounge, but First lounge users are not encouraged to eat outside the dining area. It takes about 8 minutes from order taken to delivery and it's cooked to order. The menu above also shows a diversity of other options not available in the other lounges. Slowest wifi of the lounges, 2 mb/s. The lounge opens at 05:30 except on Sundays when it is 07:30 hrs.

Qantas - London Lounge

The Qantas USP is the gin bar, on the ground floor, and I suspect breakfast is not their strongest offering, which may be later in the day. However there is a role for this lounge, in that it offers items not offered elsewhere, including healthier eating items. It also has a barista led coffee bar, with the best coffee option among the 4 lounges. In the last photo you will see 2 of the 4 hot trays, for bacon, sausage, scrambled egg and baked beans. If you wanted more of a continental breakfast with coffee, this is probably a good choice. The lounge only opens at 08:00 hrs.

On days when Qantas operate their own flights in the morning, the ground floor area is open for breakfast, and there is an la carte menu also available to all passengers, including non Qantas travellers, at that time.

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