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Gogo and Viasat are competitors in the inflight internet space. VX selected Viasat for aircraft that were delivered in 2015 and 2016óbasically the sharklet-fitted birds except for N361VA (Jersey Girl). There are around 10 aircraft in the fleet with it.

Shortly after the merger was announced, Alaska kicked off an RFP for a new inflight internet system and eventually decided to go with Gogo's 2Ku satellite system over Viasat. All aircraft in both the Boeing and Airbus fleets will get the new Gogo system eventually, but it's not going to be a fast process as the install is a bit more complicated than the old Gogo ATG system.
Thanks for the info. I have the Amex Biz platinum card which comes with 10 free Gogo passes a year which I use and appreciate. Was kind of bummed when I saw Viasat last year on a few flights.
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