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Originally Posted by mab View Post
Question: how do you make your reservations when you get this level of service? Do you need to reserve via your ambassador, or can you do it on the web site and they just notice your reservations and do their magic in the background? I ask because while I might be willing to call for a special occasion every now and then when I'd really like some kind of special thing, I am much more comfortable managing my own reservations and making them on the web, etc.
You'll be fine! I almost always book my own reservations online, too. I can't imagine asking my Ambassador to do what I so easily can do. I want her to work on big ticket items that have a lot of impact for me, not the nitty gritty that I can handle so easily on my own! Of course, YMMV as with all things.

I can't even recall asking my Ambassador to book a room--though I've asked my Ambassador to change a rate plan from time to time. (My Ambassador also has changed my rate plan a few times without me even knowing because she noticed a new lower rate; I only realize that when I receive the automatic emails indicating the new rates.)

My Ambassador usually (but not always) sends me a reminder about my upcoming reservations. Sometimes, I have just too many for her to do that all the time...which I never mind. She usually asks if I know my arrival times, departure times, things that she can do to arrange so I don't have to bother--but usually I do it on my own. Sometimes, when I tell her I'll arrive earlier than check in (but I don't care to bother with a Your24), she might submit the Your24 for me--and often (but not always) gets that done for me.

usually email my Ambassador to let her know when I really am hoping for a big or special upgrade or when she needn't bother. I really try to do everything with her via email as much as possible, since I think that's easier for both of us.

BTW, as a PP I found the service I get to be not much different than when I was a regular Platinum. In particular, I find (and found) I get much more attention, better upgrades, etc., at (higher end) properties where I'm a regular than at those where I stay only rarely. I assume local management will always recognize what it perceives to be its own best customers, regardless of formal status in the rewards program.
I had excellent service as a regular SPG Plat. But I've enjoyed Aman-level service often as a Plat100 Ambassador staying at StR, LuxColl, and even some W properties. (We've stayed at many Amans since 2009.)

Of course hotels at which we stay most often are going to treat us very well. But as a Plat100 Ambassador, I've been treated super well by many hotels at which I've never stayed. Heck, the Gritti Palace Venice in Oct 2016 and Hotel Imperial Vienna, StR Rome, and Prince de Galles Paris in Oct 2017 are places I'd never before been...that treated us like royalty. Our stay at the StR NYC in Mar 2018 was similar--they really were incredible with us. (Keep in mind that I don't mind to pay a lot for things I want...so the hotels almost certainly know this and reward us for that behavior.)

I think there is a relationship between what you spend and how well these programs can treat you and reward you. As with most things!
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