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Thanks for this very informative post.

I've been a Marriott PP (staying mostly at medium-high tier properties) for a couple years now, but am not assigned a Marriott concierge, and will almost certainly qualify for the new Ambassador level in the combined program.

Question: how do you make your reservations when you get this level of service? Do you need to reserve via your ambassador, or can you do it on the web site and they just notice your reservations and do their magic in the background? I ask because while I might be willing to call for a special occasion every now and then when I'd really like some kind of special thing, I am much more comfortable managing my own reservations and making them on the web, etc.

BTW, as a PP I found the service I get to be not much different than when I was a regular Platinum. In particular, I find (and found) I get much more attention, better upgrades, etc., at (higher end) properties where I'm a regular than at those where I stay only rarely. I assume local management will always recognize what it perceives to be its own best customers, regardless of formal status in the rewards program.
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