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Originally Posted by MSPeconomist View Post
Note that Marriott *does* currently offer Ambassador service as an unpublished invitation only benefit on an experimental basis. So it's simply not true that Marriott members don't have the chance to enjoy an Ambassador before August 1st.
My apologies! I didn’t meant to impugne the current Marriott concierge service. I just know that the parameters for the invitation-only and largely undescribed Marriott Platinum Premier concierge service and the very public and obviously earned SPG Plat100 Ambassador service are distinct.

I am assuming that the new Marriott PlatPremier with Ambassador level will more closely emulate the SPG Ambassador service. If I’m in error, I’ll be the first to admit that!

OTOH I'm personally skeptical about the quality of Marriott ambassadors since I've found (on the basis of more than ten years as SPG Plat and about a half doze2n years as MR PP) that generally SPG Plat Concierge has been much better that the agents I reach on the PP line, despite PP being a special unpublished invitation only level, presumably based on several consecutive years of 100+ nights and an undisclosed revenue requirement that AFAIK exceeds $20,000 but is less than $100,000 per year.
I may be getting confused by your interchangeable use of concierge and Ambassador terms. SPG “regular non-100” Plats don’t get an Ambassador or concierge; there are Platinum telephone agents dedicated to serve their interests and needs, of course. The invitation only Marriott “concierge” service supposedly was meant to let Marriott experiment with and learn how to emulate and potentially evaluate the SPG Ambassador service program.

Either way, as of Aug 1 it is gong to be a public Ambassador service intended to emulate the current SPG Ambassador program as far as what Marriott execs have stated publicly and what the current SPG Ambassador team has stated privately.
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