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Angry Help! Cannot transfer my MR to SPG

Not sure if anyone has had this issue before, but I am hoping someone out there can tell me what to do. I have tried for 2 days to transfer my MR to SPG with no success. Originally, I could not even link my accounts because the names wouldn't match. After several calls to Amex and SPG I made sure the changes were made so both of my names are exactly the same. After this, I was able to finally link my account. Unfortunately, even with the accounts linked, every single time I tried to make a transfer (or MR people do it on the phone) it seems it goes through just to get rejected almost immediately. I keep getting a "Points Credited: Cancelled Partner Transfer"
I have tried to delink and relink the accounts multiple times. I have been on the phone with AMEX for at least 3 hours and have talked to countless people. They are all surprised and keep telling me they have never seen this before. They have asked me to call SPG (which I had in multiple occasions), to see if it is on their end. They cannot offer any solution.
I did call SPG and made sure my name was correct. As expected they do not see any activity in my account, as the rejection comes almost immediately. They do can see, however, that both my accounts are linked (MR to SPG) but they have no idea why th epoints are not being transferred. They can't do anything on their side since they do not even see the points coming and getting rejected on their end.

Has this happened to anyone? What did you do? Is this related to the name change? People at Amex told me to wait a full day (which I did from yesterday to today) and still not luck. They said it may take even longer for the name change to flow through their tools. I am not convinced that is the reason, because if it was really a name issue, I would not be able to link the accounts, as it happened at the very beginning when in fact the names did not match. I just ran out of options.

What suggestions do you have? I need those points to make a booking and I am short on time

One last thing, what recommendations can you give me to request some MR compensation for all this trouble? So far and after 3 hours on the phone and multiple agents, no one has actually offered some compensation for all this trouble. I want to ask, but not sure how to do it or if I need to request to talk to someone in particular

Thanks for your help

P.S, I did find this post on TPG but there was no solution to be found. Seems this person had a similar issue and it didnt get resolved
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