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Verizine Travelpass Throttle

Originally Posted by sparksals
The old travel pass was seamless and only recently did I discover they throttle at 500mb. I am furious! I was and always have been told I can use my US phone exactly like I do in the US. The last few trips, I have noticed a great deal of slowing down, pages not loading. I was told I can use EXACTLY as I do in the US up to my date limit on my plan. I just called Verizon today b/c it is so frustrating and that is when i was told about the 500 mb limit. I asked for exec resolutions b/c I have spent countelss time on the phone wiht tech support with this issue of slow web pages. No one told me it is b/c it is throttled.

Originally Posted by bchandler02 View Post
They quietly made that change a while back. Just another notch in the "we're shady and evil because we can be" belt.
This is what makes me so mad. The lady on the phone said they notified customers. I received nothing. I had problems while in Italy in Sept. Called and was told nothing. Paid $10 per day to supposedly have the same service up to my data limit in the US and that is not what I received. For them to throttle on a service they are charging extra for and giving LESS is a shady ripoff.
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