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MacMyDay can let you know which suites to stay at Connaught . We stayed in a fairly spacious one last year which was one of the renovated - cool & modern . The other was classic / traditional with a tiny bathroom .
The other modern bathroom was alright but only half the size at best of all the bathrooms we have had at Halkin - brubin may chime in about this too .

The public areas at Connaught are not minimalist modern if that is what you are looking for though
I've been following MacMyDay - seems like an extremely knowledgable individual! Sounds like he/she loves the Connaught, so I'd be interested to hear which suites are worth pursuing. Fo some reason, I can't quite remove The Halkin from my list

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On our last trip down to London we stayed a night at the intercontinental and a night at the Royal Lancaster which is just across the park from it.

We were very, very impressed with the RL, while its not really a true luxury hotel by the definition of this forum (neither is the IC) the hard product is unbeatable, especially at this price point. We stayed in one of their executive rooms and paid something like 280 a night for a very good modern room on the 12th floor with spectacular views across the city. Bathroom was excellent too.

The only room which impressed me more in London was a suite we had at the Four Seasons last year. That cost around 3,000 a night though I suppose it should have.

It may may not be quite what the OP is after as the service wont be up to the level of the Connaught, FS, etc. But for a great room at a very reasonable price its a really good choice.
I just took a look at the Royal Lancaster and it looks cool! The Park Suite looks...sweet! But, at $2,700 per night for 597 square feet, it seems a bit rich. I do love the decor, windows and bathroom, though. I feel like at that rate, I minus well seek out other hotels - maybe I'm wrong?

That brings me to...which Four Seasons did you stay at and do you remember which suite? I was looking at the Four Seasons Park Lane because that's where other Philadelphians are staying (Next door at the Hilton and Intercontinental) for the weekend of the American Football game. I thought it would be fun being near everyone. I see there is also the 'FOUR SEASONS HOTEL LONDON AT TEN TRINITY SQUARE' - is that too far out of the way? It looks beautiful! I have never stayed at a Four Seasons so it would be a first.

Also, which Intercontinental did you stay at? The 'London Suite' at the Park Lane location looks pretty cool, but again, is it worth the price compared to other luxury hotels in the area? That is the question!

I don't mind spending a few thousand a night but as I hinted above, I'd rather not spend thousands a night for something subpar and small; I'd rather spend more for something spectacular. I've never been to London so it would be fun to do it right, at least once! Unfortunately, The Mews at the Connaught are not available - they look spectacular! I was offered the Terrace Suite but at $9,600 a night, in October, what's the point of having a terrace?!

I just realized that I totally bombarded you with questions - sorry! You have been a great help and I look forward to passing on the knowledge.

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Hotel Cafe Royal will be what you want, it is about $550 per night over those dates, the entry level room is almost 350 square feet, and I thought the bathroom was very impressive. No view though! Booking via LHW/Virtuoso will get benefits
Yes! This place looks amazing! How was the service? The Dome suite looks intriguing, even though it'll be on the cooler side temperature wise (I was sold when I saw the fire pit!). The fact that there are three bedrooms is neat, too. I didn't think about this until now, but my girlfriends parents could come as well as one other couple. He works for the Swire's too so that wouldn't be such a bad thing since he's somewhat familiar with the area (But not hotels) and has colleagues in London.

Thanks again, everyone. Much appreciated!!
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