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Here's some imput as a very requent flyer of SFO-HKG, and HKG in general. Lots of flights on UA and Cathay, AA and JAL.

I used to Fly 100% AA/OW, all credited to AA, was EXP/CK. Devalued the program + I moved to a station with no AA service, switched to UA/*A credited to UA. Now moved to Chicago, have choice of both. I got a lot of value over of the years out of AA's program, tons of first/busines class redemtions at good times, including 2 rtw F redemtions for my birthday 2 years in a row. Now, UAs program gets me more value, though with more buisness class than first class redemtions than the good old days and more expensive to boot. Still good value though.

Honestly, I like Polaris over Cathay's J, plus cooler cabin and better bedding is nice, but the more flexible timing on the Cathay flights options and WAY better lounges on the HKG side may swing it that way for you. I have OWE and *G so I am covered either way, but imho UA is not that bad in J.

Hope this helps!
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Some more thoughts in addition to the questionnaire below
-I'm mostly interested in which FF program is going to net me the most value in terms of points I can use to redeem for personal airfare. UA seems like the logical choice, but the purpose of this post is to explore other options (Cathay/OW, Singapore/*A)
-I like that Cathay has midnight flights both from SFO and from HKG. UA's flight leaves midday both ways, which is kind of inconvenient. Granted I haven't tried it yet, but I like the idea of leaving SFO at midnight, sleeping for a while, landing at HKG at 6am, and going straight to work.

Really appreciate the input and help!

(1) What is most important to you in a FFP?
Earning miles towards free travel for myself and my family.
(2) How many miles do you usually fly each year & in what class? How many flights/sectors?
Monthly SFO-HKG trips in business, plus monthly SFO-BOS transcon trips in economy (or business if fare is under $1k which it has been on UA recently)
(3) What types of fares do you usually buy ?
See above
(4) Can you choose your airlines and/or class of service? Airline most flown? Do you travel for work and/or pleasure?
Yes / travel for work
(5) Which routes and airlines do you fly most often
Not much travel currently
(6) What is your home airport?
(7) Do you have FFP status of any kind in an airline? What is it? Do you have any miles banked in a FFP?
(8) Preferred Airlines
No preference
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