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after 600 Google reviews, I just realized that anybody can see where I've been...

In the past couple of years, I've been posting Google reviews about places that I visit without thinking. (restaurants, hotels, dentist, doctors, tourist attractions, airports, airport lounges) Basically anywhere that I travel to that's worth reviewing.

I currently have a little over 600 reviews and these places are in 18 countries. I've never actually gone back and read my own reviews, until yesterday. My flight was delayed for 4 hours due to weather issues. I got bored and started reading my own reviews.

The more I read, the more paranoid I became. My reviews are like a detailed guide for my stalker or angry scorned lover to find me in 5 minutes.(don't either one currently, thankfully)

Am I better off just deleting or editing some of my travel reviews just so nobody can find me? I actually considered the more drastic action of deleting my Gmail account associated with the reviews, although I'm not sure if that will make all the past reviews disappear?
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