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Originally Posted by Tyzap View Post
Ah okay, happy to accept.

I was thrown by the modest "I don't think" comment.

In that case, and for future accuracy, would you be able to clarify how the 1st passenger door opening is recorded? Understand if that's an ask too far.
That Iím afraid I donít know the answer to. Or if itís even routinely recorded at all...

I was trying not to speak too definitively as I believe the ACARS fit varies by airline and aircraft type, and I only have my own experience to go on. Itís also not something we look at routinely.

However Iím fairly certain Iíve only ever seen a generic ďdoors openĒ time, triggered by the first pax or cargo door to open after brakes set.

Iíll try to take a closer look the next time weíre waiting ages for a jetbridge!
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