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Originally Posted by lisamoir View Post
Thanks for the reply Caz312. It is in relation to a claim but not directly this flight.

Basically was booked on Virgin Flight due to land in Heathrow at 20:40, which was cancelled whilst we were awaiting boarding. We were re-routed on the BA Flight above which was subsequently delayed meaning we arrived in Heathrow 2+ hours of our original scheduled time.
Welcome to Flyertalk lisamoir and welcome to the BA Forum. Thanks for reverting back, but in essence this extra detail changes everything. If it's a cancelled flight then the Operating Airline is Virgin and under 4.1.iii of EC261 it is their responsibility to get you to LHR within 2 hours of the scheduled departure. It BA were a bit late then it is still Virgin that is the frame here. I would suggest you use what you honestly believe to be the arrival time - it's up to Virgin to prove differently. The exception would be if the cancellation was due to extraordinary circumstances.
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