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Thanks for the reply Caz312. It is in relation to a claim but not directly this flight.

Basically was booked on Virgin Flight due to land in Heathrow at 20:40, which was cancelled whilst we were awaiting boarding. We were re-routed on the BA Flight above which was subsequently delayed meaning we arrived in Heathrow 2+ hours of our original scheduled time. To be honest I'd normally have taken it on the chin and not bothered, but Virgin's handling of the cancellation at the time, and subsequently was abhorrent. I emailed to express my dissatisfaction over a number of issues (baggage off-loaded and left unattended; lack of announcements and communication; no grounds assistance etc), the reason for travel was to attend a family wedding where I was a bridesmaid, the unexpected later arrival caused some logistical issues and meant we missed the pre-wedding celebrations. All round it was disappointing, but more so was the airline's lack of interest in any of the highlighted issues. That prompted me to file a claim, which was declined; Having been given differing reasons from the airline why the claim was declined and believing it is a legitimate claim I am pursuing it. They keep quoting the scheduled BA flight time as the arrival, which I know was delayed, but I cannot remember exactly so was hoping to get a note of it.

The virgin flight was cancelled due to a technical issue which had been discovered earlier in the day.
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