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Originally Posted by MSPeconomist View Post
If you have two separate PNRs (and not just one confirmation number for the DL PNR and a different confirmation number in the MU system for their PNR, in which case the MU and DL flights should appear on the DL PNR but only the MU flight on the MU PNR), do you also have two separate tickets? If so, it's not just a connection and I would be concerned about having only two hours.

Otherwise, you're protected for misconnects and, in fact, DL might be able to check you in for the MU flight at the airport, even if OLCI won't work for you.
Yes, I have two separate tickets with different PRNís. I have no idea why Delta was unable to book it under one record. And Yes, I was concerned about having only two hours to check in for the CE flight. Which is why I asked Delta to put me on an earlier flight. Deltaís approach appears to be totally hands off. They could care less.

I did happen to book my fare at about half of what Delta normally charges for their business class seats.....I canít help but wonder if that has something to do with their unwillingness to help.
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