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Originally Posted by Richinga View Post
I know I have only posted a handful of times on this forum but I just had to vent at an incredibly frustrating Delta experience. Iím a DM with over 1.5M Miles.

Several months ago I booked a ATL-JFK-PVG round trip Z class through Delta. Since itís on Delta metal ATL-JKF and on MU on the JFK-ATL leg Delta booked it on two separate PRNís. (Iíve checked several times and for some reason they canít link the records). My flights are tomorrow. I checked in online for the Delta leg but I am unable to check in for China Eastern. After calling Delta they tell me that I have to check in for that leg at JFK. I explained that I only have a two hour layover and Iím concerned that China Eastern may give up my seat if I havenít checked in prior to two hours before the flight.

Now hereís what has me fuming. I asked Delta to put me on an earlier flight to JFK to give me an extra few hours of cushion to check in for the MU flight, and they said sure, but it will cost me fare difference and a $200 penalty. I calmly explained that had they explained to me at time of booking that I would have to check in for the China Eastern flight at JFK I would have booked the earlier flight to JFK.

It took me 35 minutes on the phone with a rude ďI could care lessĒ attitude agent to get my flight changed at a cost of $130. They were so generous to waive the change fee. (Sarcasm).

I dont understand why Delta canít check me in for a flight that they booked? Any suggestions to make sure I donít lose my seat on the MU flight? I called China Eastern but they werenít very helpful.
If you are a DM and your flight is tomorrow, why did they charge you a change fee or any fare difference? You should be able to Same Day Confirm. If you are on a paid premium cabin fare (Z class, as you state) on the ATL-JFK you can change to any other flight with the waived SDC fee, as long as any seat is available.

If the agent processed it as a change and charged the change fee and fare difference to match fare class availability (probably the agent misconstrued the F SDC policy and charged you to move to an earlier F cabin flight) that is an error. Call back and ask for a Supervisor to get it refunded.

Once you heard the agent's attitude, you should have HUCA. Also, if both tickets are on DL ticket stock, DL should be able to send your backs through and transfer them for you to CZ/CE.
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